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Hardware Developer Kit


The Hardware Developer Kit (HDK) is the ideal solution for Orb and Beacon developers who live outside our wireless coverage area or who need to address an Orb or Beacon more frequently than the 15-minute intervals supported by our Premium channel.

The kit includes a cable that links your Orb to the HDK board, which plugs into a standard RS-232 serial PC connection. Schematics and support documentation are listed below—right-click on each link and select “Save As…” to view in the application of your choice. Please note, the Java code link is a .zip file.

Reference docs and sample Java code

While the demo software is Java, communication with the serial port uses custom native code that will only work on a Windows computer. For more info, please see the Simple Serial application page

SHIPPING NOTE: This product must undergo final assembly and testing before shipment. Please allow 5-7 business days from order placement to delivery date.

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