Ambient Devices provides a complete solution to offer wireless products to consumers that make tangible interfaces to digital information. Today, this solution includes: the Ambient Information Network™-a back-end service delivery infrastructure and wireless network; and the Ambient Device Design™-a set of hardware specifications to turn everyday objects (like pens, watches, and clocks) into glanceable wireless information devices, customized and branded by product companies.

Using patented processes developed at Ambient, the Ambient platform aggregates, scrubs, packetizes, transmits, and decodes data. Our standards allow development of technology that no longer feels like technology. This “polite technology” requires no computer or technical infrastructure to operate, allowing the technology to be transparent.

By implementing the Ambient platform, wireless technology becomes as easy to use as a clock. When technology becomes transparent the opportunities for implementation expand to many customers and situations where technology is not typically found. Like clocks, ambient displays can be embedded in everyday objects to provide glanceable access to the information customers care about most.